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Cookies are small files that websites, online shops, intranets, online platforms and the like store in visitors’ browsers and are needed to add countless benefits to the provision of interactive services during web browsing. The following information on possible types of cookies helps us to better understand the functions they enable:

Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain in the cookies space on your device until you close your browser, so none are recorded on the user’s disk. The information obtained through these cookies is used to enable operational management of each user accessing the website simultaneously.

Persistent cookies: these cookies are stored in the cookies space on your device and remain there after you close your browser. The next time you visit the website, it will consult the cookies to remember information to aid your browsing (so you can access the service directly without having to log in) or help provide a sales and marketing service (offering products or services related to ones you viewed previously).

The cookies exchanged when you browse a website may be:

Own or first-party cookies: these cookies are generated by the website you are visiting.

Third-party cookies: these cookies are received when you browse a website, but they have been generated by a third-party service that is hosted on the site. An example might be a cookie used by an advertisement or banner located on the website we are visiting. Another might be a cookie used by a visitor counter hired by the website we are visiting.

The cookies may be used for:

Technical purposes: these are also called ‘strictly necessary’. They allow the user to browse a website, platform or application and to use the different options or services it has, such as supervising traffic and data communication, log-in, access to restricted areas, remembering the items on an order, running the purchase process for an order, registering for an event, using security items while browsing, storing content for video or audio dissemination, or sharing content via social media.

Personalisation: they allow each user to configure factors such as the language they want to see the website in, viewing formats, etc. 

Analysis and performance: they allow measurement of the number of visits and browsing criteria for different areas of the website, application or platform and let us create browsing profiles for the users of those sites, applications and platforms in order to improve analysis of the data collected regarding how the service is used. 

Advertising: they allow the implementation of effectiveness parameters in the advertising offered on the websites. 

Behavioural advertising: they allow the implementation of effectiveness parameters in the advertising offered on the websites, based on information regarding user behaviour obtained through continuous observation of their browsing habits, which means a specific profile can be developed and advertising can be shown according to it. 


Some people prefer not to have cookies enabled. That is why most browsers offer you the option of administering cookies to suit you.

In some browsers, you can configure rules to administer cookies by site, which gives you more precise control over your privacy. This means that you can disable cookies for all sites except the ones you trust or even delete cookies stored previously.

Here are the settings locations for the different browsers:

– Internet Explorer:

– Google Chrome:

– Firefox:

– Safari:  Go to the Safari menu > Preferences. In the Privacy section, click the Details button, select the website that stores the cookies and click Delete or click Delete All to delete all of the cookies.

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