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4 May 2024

Subject to the health regulations applicable at the time

Article 1.1.- Regulation
The Gran Fondo International València is a cyclosportive that takes place under the “Regulations for Bicycle Touring
and Cycling for All” issued by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC due to Spanish initials) and regulated by
Article 9 of the same, which describes this sport as physical exercise for the purpose of leisure and for cultural or
tourism purposes, excluding competitions. The cyclosportive will be governed by instructions from the Department
of Traffic in effect at the time. Anything not set out in these regulations will be governed by current RFEC rules.
Participants in the cyclosportive will cycle within the space contained between the policemen carrying the red and
green flags, without invading the lane for oncoming traffic, and this space will be closed to road users not involved
in the event. Ordinary stretches of road will remain open to general traffic. Orders given by Guardia Civil Traffic
Corps agents will be respected at all times.

Article 1.2.- Route and Time
The Gran Fondo International València, will be held on 4 May 2024 with a distance of 177km, giving participants the
option of reducing the distance to 148km and 89km.
The starting and finishing lines for the 3 distances will be at Valencia Marina (Port of Valencia) next to the EDEM
Building. It’s important to take into account that the arrival will be registered a few meters from the Las Arenas
Hotel. From this point and for inclusion in the ‘finisher’ listings, all participants must continue ‘out of the race and
respecting all traffic rules’ 900 meters to the point of arrival at Valencia Marina.
Entry is open to all cyclists aged at least 17 on the day of the event.
The start will be at 7:30 am.

  • See route maps. The timetables will be subject to the regulations in force at the time and will be notified to
    the participants through the website with sufficient time in advance.


  • All participants must go within the established device, that is to say, between the agents of the ATGC
    (Agrupación de Tráfico de la Guardia Civil) who mark the start and end of the space closed to traffic. The
    start is marked by the red flag and the end by the green flag.
  • No participant may pass the red flag.
  • During the march, those who cannot follow the pace set and are overtaken by the green flag, will be out of
    the race, so they must slow down and ride with caution without hindering other road users who pass
    through them and complying with traffic rules and traffic signs.

All participants are advised that:

  • The cyclosportive is not a competition.
  • You must cycle on the right, not invading the lane for oncoming traffic.
  • The routes are mostly along secondary roads with no hard shoulder, so you must be very careful.
  • There are long downhill ramps in the ports with some dangerous bends and you should be extremely
    careful on these stretches.
  • The routes are signposted by the organisers.
  • Do not throw litter on the ground, use the bins and litter baskets at the refreshment points. Along the route, keep litter in your pocket until you reach the refreshment points or finishing line. Care for, protect and respect nature. Sierra Calderona Natural Park – natural heritage that belongs to us all.
  • All participants who have to retire from the cyclosportive must remember that they are cycling on roads open to normal traffic and must respect all the traffic signs and rules like normal road users.
  • They are obliged to respect orders given by the Guardia Civil Traffic Corps agents at all times.

Article 2- Registration.

Registration is personal and non-transferable.
It is the same price for the 3 distances but will vary depending on when you register:

  • 2023 – 1st September to 31st October:
    RFEC federated cyclists: €55
    NON-federated cyclists: €65 (includes 1-day licence)
  • 2023 – 1 November to
  • 2024 – 31 January:
    RFEC federated cyclists: €65
    NON-federated cyclists: €75 (includes 1-day licence)
  • 2024 – 1st of February to 20th of April or closing date for registrations:
    RFEC federated cyclists: €75
    NON-federated cyclists: €85 (includes 1-day licence)
    *RFEC: Real Spanish Federation Cycling
    Changes allowed and deadlines to make them:
  • Jersey size: Until 31/01/2024
  • Distance: Until 31/03/2024
  • Option to add “medal recording” and option to add “food for companions”: Until 01/04/2024
    These changes will be made by the participants themselves, using the code that will receive via email for this
    purpose upon successful completion of their registration.
    Registration includes:
  • Official event jersey. This quality jersey must be worn during the cyclosportive.
    You will not be sent your jersey. The only day you will be able to collect it are Friday 3 May 2024.
    All participants on our cyclosportive must be insured either through the RFEC (Royal Spanish Cycling Federation) for
    federated cyclists or by taking out the insurance offered by the organisers for non-federated cyclists.
    Participants take part in the cyclosportive at their own risk and under their own responsibility. A the time of
    registration and participation, the participant states that they are physically fit enough to take part in the

Article 3- Registration Procedure.
Registration is via the website NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED on the day of
the cyclosportive. All participants must have registered previously via the website. Registrations are considered
definitive, so there will be no refund of your registration fee if you cannot take part. Registrations are strictly
personal and non-transferable.

Article 4- Bib Collection.

Bibs, runner’s bags and participant instructions and advice must be collected from the event facilities area between
4 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. on Friday 3 May 2024.
The facilities area will be located in Valencia Marina (Port of Valencia) next to the starting and finishing line for the 3
distances, specifically, between shed no. 2 and the adjacent esplanade, Muelle de la Aduana, s/n, 46024 Valencia.

You must show your national ID and registration confirmation in order to collect your bib and runner’s bag and
federated cyclists are required to show their cycling federation (RFEC) licence.
Any change and/or amendment will be notified via the official website:

Article 5- Disqualifications.

Any bicycle tourists who start before the scheduled time will not be included on the organisers’ lists.
The event managers may decide to retire any bicycle tourist from the cyclosportive who behaves in an unsporting
manner or does not follow instructions given by the police or the organisers.

Article 6- Refreshments.

There will be several refreshment points along the route. Their location will be informed in advance.

Article 7- Health and Safety.

During the cyclosportive, and at all times, the organisers have a team of professional technical and healthcare
personnel available, including doctors and nurses, and there will be ambulances on stand-by and broom bikes and
signage along the route, as well as a massage area at the finishing line. Participants MUST wear their national ID on
their jersey for their own safety and we recommend also carrying a mobile phone.
The organisers recommend that all participants take a medical examination before the cyclosportive in order to
detect any anomaly or illness that may be incompatible with cycling.

Article 8- Technical Assistance.

The organisers will provide technical assistance at the starting and finishing line and along the route. If you break
down, manual labour will be free but spare parts will be at the expense of the bike tourist. Only repairs that can be
performed on the roadside will be carried out, except for punctures.

Article 9- Jersey and Helmet.

The official jersey for the Marcha Ciudad de Valencia MUST BE WORN by all participants, regardless of the distance
chosen. It constitutes a security and control element, so that all auxiliary personnel involved in the cyclosportive can
identify who is and who is not a participant at all times.
You will not be allowed to go to the starting line or appear on the list of participants if you are not wearing your
Nor will you be assisted by the mechanics at the technical assistance points or by the volunteers at the refreshment
points or at any other service provided by the organisers.
Helmets MUST be worn by all participants.

Article 10- Security.

The organisers will have the collaboration of the Traffic Department for the Province of Valencia, the Guardia Civil,
the local police and the Spanish civil defence service to guarantee event security.

Article 11- Traffic Rules.
The group cycling between the green and red flags will be doing so in a space that is closed to other traffic, but the
cyclosportive route is NOT closed to traffic. All participants must scrupulously observe the provisions of the Spanish
Law on Traffic, Motor Vehicles and Road Safety and General Traffic Regulations and obey instructions from the
Guardia Civil, local police and organisers at all times. Anyone who does not obey instructions given by the police will
be expelled from the cyclosportive. By accepting these regulations, all participants undertake to comply with the
aforementioned rules and regulations and to procure their own safety and that of the other participants and other
road users.

Registration for the cyclosportive means that the participant assumes the risks inherent to participation in a
cyclosportive open to traffic and holds the cyclosportive organisers blameless for any incident or accident derived
from their participation in the same.
Anybody not registered for the Marcha Ciudad de Valencia and not wearing the official jersey is strictly prohibited
from crossing the starting/finishing line.

Article 12- Exemption of Liability.

The organisers will not be held responsible for any accident caused by the participant or in which the participant is a
victim, and the participant must be covered by the pertinent federation (RFEC) licence or, if they are not federated,
by accident insurance taken out through the organisers. Nor will the organisers share in any expenses or debts
incurred by participants during the cyclosportive or in any loss or breakage to bicycles or other equipment belonging
to the participants. The participant holds the organisers blameless for any loss or damage to bicycles, goods,
personal objects or equipment under any circumstance.

Article 13- Accompanying Cars.
Any cars that have not been authorised to do so by the organisers are prohibited from accompanying the
cyclosportive. The organisers’ vehicles will have a sign, subject to model, and will be clearly identified on the visible
part of the vehicle.

Article 14- Finisher medal.
At the end of the cyclosportive, the finisher medal will be delivered to the participant upon arrival at the finish line
in La Marina. The participant has the option to engrave his name and time on the medal, if he hires it when
registering the cost will be € 5 and if he decides to do it after the test the cost will be € 10.

Article 15- Amendments.
In relation to subsequent amendments, the organisers reserve the right to make any amendments they deem
necessary. They also reserve the right of admission. The organisers will not assume any responsibility if the event is
cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond their control, so no registration fee will be refunded under these

Article 16.- Acceptance of the Regulations.
By registering for this cyclosportive, you accept these regulations and waive any rights against the organisers or any
legal action that may derive from your participation in the cyclosportive.

Article 17.- Rights to Own Image.
The acceptance of these regulations implicitly means that the participant authorises the organisers of the Gran
Fondo International València to fully or partially record their participation in the same, agrees to their image being
used for the promotion and dissemination of the image of the Gran Fondo International València in any format
(radio, press, video, photo, DVD, internet, posters, media, etc.) and cedes all rights in relation to it being used for
commercial and/or advertising purposes as deemed fit by the organisers and will not be entitled to any financial
compensation for the same. This article also extends to photographs

Article 18.- Data Disclosure.
The participant accepts that their data may be disclosed solely for the activities necessary for proper fulfilment of
the internal administration and management of the CLUB DEPORTIVO PODIUM. It also agrees that the
aforementioned CLUB may send or contact them with information regarding any products, processes or services
that it markets.

Article 19. Cancellations.
The optional inscription cancellation insurance is included for an additional cost of 5 €.
This optional insurance will only be valid for contracting until 31 December 2023, and the final date for their use
shall be 31 January 2024.
The registration return, including the culotte and /or vest, will be made to the credit / debit card that was used to
pay for the registration. The participant who has cancelled their registration will not be entitled to collect their
jersey or, if applicable, their culotte and / or vest or their runner’s bag.
From the amount to be returned, 5 € will be deducted from the cancellation insurance, as well as the management
fees and bank charges corresponding to the registration and return process.

Article 20. Registration refund.
Once the registration is accepted, the registration fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, except in the following cases:
• Because the test does not take place (*)
• For not having participated in the test as the quota of participants was covered (*)
• For undue income as a result of payment errors (*)
• For having subscribed the cancellation insurance (*)
• Due to change or changes in the date of the test produced by force majeure (storms or hurricanes, earthquakes,
torrential rains, pandemics, elections, government, regional or local mandate, etc …). (*)
(*) The expenses derived from returns or transfers will be borne by the registered runner. Returns for injury or
cancellation insurance will be adjusted to compliance with what is specified in article 19 of these regulations. The
refund will be solely and exclusively for the registration fee and provided that in the temporary space the new
proposed date is greater than EIGHT MONTHS from the postponed, any other expense that the runner incurs will be
borne by him (hotels, reservations, cancellation costs, flights, trains, taxi, transfers, trips, fuel, meals, etc …).

Data protection clause. 

CLUB DEPORTIVO PODIUM is the Responsible for the treatment of the personal data of the participant and informs him that this data will be treated in accordance with the provisions of  Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of April 27 (GDPR), and the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5 (LOPDGDD), for which the following treatment information is provided: Purposes and legitimation of the treatment: the registration of the interested party in sports activities and the sending by the Responsible of commercial communications of products or services  (with the consent of the interested party, art. 6.1.a GDPR). 

Data conservation criteria: they will be kept for no longer than necessary to maintain the end of the treatment or there are legal prescriptions that dictate their custody and when it is no longer  necessary for this, they will be deleted with adequate security measures to guarantee the anonymization of the data or the total destruction of the same. Communication of the data: the data will not be communicated to third parties, except legal obligation or when necessary for the correct development of the activities to be carried out by the  Responsible. 

Rights of the interested party: – Right to withdraw consent at any time. -Right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of your data, and of limitation or opposition to its treatment. – Right  to file a claim with the Control Authority ( if you consider that the treatment does not comply with current regulations. Contact information to exercise your rights: CLUB  DEPORTIVO PODIUM. Calle Embajador Vich, nº 3, Floor 4, Letter M, – 46002 Valencia (Valencia). Email:

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